Australian English, New Zealand English and Canadian English


This page explores the differences in vocabulary between Australian English, New Zealand English and Canadian English.

Australian EnglishNew Zealand English Canadian English
aeroplane airplane / plane airplane
apartment apartment apartment
lawyer lawyer
bill / check bill cheque / check /
bonnet bonnet hood
boot boot trunk
bumper bumper fender
candy floss candy floss cotton candy
car park /
parking lot
car park parking lot
catalogue catalogue catalogue / catalog
centre centre centre (place) /
center (ie. middle)
chips chips french fries / fries
chips chips potato chips / chips
cloakroom / coatroom cloakbay / hall coat check /
coat room
clothes peg peg / clothespeg clothes pin
colour colour colour / color
cosy cosy cozy / cosy
cot cot crib
zucchini zucchini / courgette zucchini
curriculum vitae / CV /
CV /
curriculum vitae
résumé / CV /
Curriculum Vitae
dressing gown dressing gown bath robe / robe
drink driving drink driving drunk driving
designated driver sober driver designated driver
driver’s licence driver’s licence driver’s licence
dummy dummy soother / pacifier
eggplant eggplant eggplant
expiry date expiry date expiry date / expiration date
Santa Claus /
Father Christmas
Santa Claus /
Father Christmas
Santa Claus
favourite favourite favorite / favourite
fish-fingers fish-fingers fish sticks
face cloth flannel / face cloth face cloth /
wash cloth
freeway / highway motorway / highwayfreeway (in city) /
highway (out of city)
flavour flavour flavour / flavor
thongs jandals flip flops / sandals
fortnight fortnight two weeks
fringe fringe bangs
full stop full stop period
grey grey / gray grey / gray
ground floor /
first floor
ground floorfirst floor /
ground floor /
main floor
harbour harbour harbour / harbour
principal principal principal
vice principal deputy principal vice principal
holiday holiday vacation / holiday
vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner
humour humour humour
icing sugar icing sugar icing sugar
indicator indicator blinker /
turn signal
jewellery jewellery jewellery
jumper jersey sweater
kilometre kilometre kilometre / kilometer
ladybird ladybird ladybug
letter box /
post box
letterbox mailbox
lift / elevator lift elevator
litre litre litre / liter
truck truck truck
lost property /
lost and found
lost property /
lost and found
lost and found
mag mag wheel tire rim
mashed potato mashed potato mashed potatoes
maths maths math
mobile phone mobile phone /
cell phone /
mobile phone
motorbike motorbike / bike motorcycle / motorbike
mum mum mom
nappy nappy diaper
neighbour neighbour neighbour
note note (X dollar) bill
notice board notice board bulletin board
licence plate licence plate license plate
underpants underwear (M/F) /
undies (M/F) /
underpants (M) /
boxers (m)
underwear /
underpants / gotchies /
ginch (M) /
panties (F)
pavement footpath sidewalk
pedestrian crossing pedestrian crossing /
zebra crossing
crosswalk /
pedestrian crossing
petrol petrol gasoline / gas
post code post code postal code
pram / stroller pram / pushchair stroller /
baby carriage
primary school primary school elementary school
program programme program
public holiday public holiday national holiday
to queue to queue to line up /
get in the line
a buck a buck dollar / buck
reception reception reception /
front desk
road road pavement / road
circle / roundabout roundabout traffic circle / roundabout
backpack backpack backpack
rubber / eraser rubber   eraser
rubbish / garbage rubbish garbage / trash
rubbish bin rubbish bin / bin garbage can /
trash can
share shares stocks /
shares of stock
shop / storeshop / storestore / shop
shop assistant retail assistant sales clerk /
sales staff
one-way ticket one-way ticket one-way ticket
spanner spanner / wrench wrench
private school private school private school
stock stock (take) stock / inventory
underpass (We don’t have one!) underpass
lollie shop lolly shop candy store
bathers togs bathing suit /
swim trunks
tap tap tap / faucet
taxi taxi taxi / cab
dinner / tea dinner supper time /
dinner time
term(1-12) /
term(primary /
high schools /
term / semester
theatre theatre theatre / theater
timetable timetable / schedule schedule / timetable
can tin / can can
toilet / loo / bathroom toilet / loo washroom / bathroom / toilet
torch torch flashlight
sneakers / runners sneakers runners /
running shoes /
tram tram streetcar
travelled travelled traveled / travelled
trolley trolley  cart
pants trousers / pants pants / slacks
tyre tyre tire
metro (we don’t have one!) subway
singlet singlet undershirt
umbrella umbrella umbrella
waistcoat waistcoat vest
wallet wallet moneyclip / wallet
gumboots gumboots rain boots / galoshes
yard backyard / garden back yard
grade(1-6) / year(7-12) year (1-13) grade
yoghurt yoghurt yogurt
zip zip zipper

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