How to make steamed rice with a tin of Sanma (Pacific saury)



  • 2 cups of rice
  • △2 tablespoons of mentsuyu (See the Japanese noodle soup base recipe)
  • △10cc tube of ginger or 10g of ginger
  • △3 tablespoons of cooking sake
  • 40g of mushroom
  • A tin of sanma (about 100g)


1. Slice ginger thinly and slice or cut mushroom into small pieces. 

2. Wash rice with cold water a few times.

3. Add washed rice and △, and add water up to usual amount of water for 2 cups of rice
(If you use a pan for cook, add washed rice, △ and 2 cups of water into a pan)

4. Add sanma sauce from the tin and mix.

5. Add mushroom and sanma, and steam.
(If you use a stove to make steamed rice, see the steamed rice recipe)

6. After completion, loosen Sanma and mix rice gently.