How to make Sushi Cake


I love Sushi and Sushi cake is one of my favourite!

Do you want to know the recipe?
Please check the recipe below 🙂


Sushi rice  (see the Sushi Rice recipe)

Tins of tuna in water  (2-3 tins or 140g~210g)

Mayonnaise  (2 to 3 tablespoons)

Oil  (1 tablespoon or less)

Egg  (2)

Salt and pepper  (a little)

Snap peas  (about 10)


1.Make Sushi rice. (see the Sushi rice recipe)

2.Remove the strings from snap peas, boil them for 2 minutes and drain boiled water.

3.Drain the water from tuna, place it in a bowl and mix with mayonnaise and little bit of pepper if you prefer.

4.Beat eggs with little bit of salt and pepper in a bowl until blended.

5.Heat a saucepan with some oil (canola or vegetable oil), pour in egg mixture and make scrambled eggs.

6.Spread scrambled eggs on the bottom of a baking tin (12cm in diameter) and flatten it out.

7.Add half the rice and flatten.

8.Spread tuna mayonnaise and flatten.

9.Add rest of rice and flatten.

10.Take the cake out the tin and decorate it.